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The Make A Difference “MAD” team challenges you to be the difference!

This adventure-for-a-cause was initiated in 2012, when a group of friends decided that it was time to be proactive and make a positive contribution to their much-loved country, South Africa. This team of ordinary South Africans set themselves an extra-ordinary challenge – to use their feet for a great feat – and run 1520km across South Africa, for South Africa.

Now we are an ever-expanding group of ordinary South Africans with the drive to make a difference by running from Johannesburg to Cape Town in just one week!

MAD2Run is a 24hr relay run from Johannesburg to Cape Town.

The entire 36 person team is sectioned into two crews of six runners, per running shift, of which each shift covers 80km. There are a lot of intricate logistics involved that make this 24hr relay challenging yet manageable, but as a fundamental running requirement, each runner is expected to run a minimum of 20km per day/140km in the week.

  • The relay aspect of the event is sectioned into 85km shifts, which take around 9 hours each.

  • There are 18 shifts in total over the week.

  • Each shift is made up of a group of 6 runners, completing a minimum of 20km each, during each shift at an average pace of 6 minutes and 30 seconds.

  • After each shift (every 85km), a shuttle vehicle will meet the runners on the road for a changeover.

  • A changeover is where the next group of runners will begin their 85km shift, right where the previous shift finished.

  • The retiring runners are then shuttled back to base camp for a rub-down, shower, food and rest before leaving for their next shift which could be in 8, 16 or 24 hours time (this entire process will be explained to you in full should you make the team).

  • Rinse and repeat for one whole week!

To continue with the MAD2Run 2024 application process, you need to accept the following qualifying elements:

This event is first and foremost a fundraising initiative. It is very important to us that you, as a hopeful team member, understand that this is NOT a running event – even if that sounds weird…you will come to understand. The goal of each team member is to use this beautiful journey across SA as an opportunity to raise as many funds as possible for the MAD Leadership Foundation.*

How it works
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